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We really value your feedback as it helps us give you the best service we can. When you get home, please do take 5 minutes to drop us an email to let us know if you are happy or if we can improve in any way.

See below for a selection of feedback we have received from happy customers.

"We have used Cats Whiskers for 7 years and have always received an excellent service. It’s a huge relief to know that our cats are beautifully cared for and content when we are away. Laura and team go above and beyond to keep the pets happy and have always got in touch with anything we need to know. Cats Whiskers are brilliant and we would always recommend them. Thank you team!"
"We have used the Cat's Whiskers for a long time and we have always been delighted with the excellent service Laura and her team of sitters provides. They go over and above and we feel extremely reassured that our beloved cat and our home are being looked after superbly well. Laura has even called us on Christmas Day, preventing a problem from occurring. Also, being able to see our boy on Twitter is wonderful and gives us extra assurances that he is doing fine in our absence. He is well fed, watered, groomed and has playtime too. Upon our return we get to read a medley of lovely notes which have been written by the sitter during each visit.

Cat's Whiskers are professional, bespoke to our cat's needs, reliable, friendly, easy to communicate with and a pleasure to deal with."
"The superb care from Laura and her sitters means I can go away on trips knowing that my cat is in the best hands. He is always relaxed and happy on my return, and I know that I don't need to have any worries about him. The communication with Cat's Whiskers is always quick and reliable, and I have no hesitation in recommending them."
"Thank you so much for going above and beyond in looking after our Kit. Good company and affection are extremely important for Kit, and it is great to know that his sitters truly enjoyed spending time with him."
"We have been using Cat’s Whiskers for over two years and we couldn’t be happier with the service they provide. They are totally professional and always reliable and it gives us such peace of mind as cat owners to know that our two cats are so well looked after when we go away. One of our boys is a particularly nervous cat, and even he has truly warmed to the sitters as they clearly treat the cats they care for with such love and kindness.

I particularly love seeing photos of our boys on Twitter when we are on holiday and ‘checking in’ as it were, to see they are being so well looked after. Thank you again for providing such a brilliant service and going that extra mile. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Cat’s Whiskers!"
"The best thing about Cat’s Whiskers is that we never worry about going away. In fact, the only problem we have is that when we come home, our cats always seem slightly disappointed to see us rather than her coming through the door!"
"Cat’s Whiskers provide an extremely reliable and professional service. It is reassuring to know that the cats will be pampered while you are away. Cat’s Whiskers clearly love cats as much as the owners."
"I just wanted to thank you for looking after Maggie over the last 10 years. Cats Whiskers really has been a fantastic service and I have always felt very happy knowing you will be looking after her. I am moving so unfortunately will have to look for a new cat sitter. Hopefully I can find a company as good as yours!"
"We got back after 8 days away expecting our cats to be really fed up at having been shut in for so long but they were really relaxed and happy so Cat’s Whiskers must have looked after them very well. This was really appreciated as they are like children to us and it’s lovely to know we can trust the Cat’s Whiskers team to care for them while we are away"
"The main thing is that we have absolute confidence in your competence and dedication. You're entirely reliable both generally (we have no worries about giving you the key to our house) and in the specifics of cat-care. And you evidently have a real affection for cats."
"Many thanks indeed for coming to look after Milly, especially at such short notice. It was so good to know that she was in safe hands and lovely to think that people who are happy to take the time to make sure she is happy, safe and well were looking after her. I really enjoyed reading the diary and checking in to Twitter to see what Milly had been up to. I will most definitely be in touch when I am next out of town. Thanks again. "
"We love and spoil our cat Bruce, so it is very reassuring to know that we can rely on Cat's Whiskers to really look after him whenever we need their services. They go to great lengths to make a fuss and keep him happy, even playing iPad games! We look out for his photo on Twitter while we're away, and the super-detailed reports once we're back mean we always know exactly what he's been up to in our absence! Thank you Cat's Whiskers!"
"My two seemed very content when we came home, no shouting cats berating us as we walked in the door, as sometimes happens if we're late home of a week night! So much easier for them than the stressful trip to the cattery, particularly for Hops who finds any trip out very upsetting. It was great to have some notes on how they'd been during our absence, and I loved seeing their pictures on Facebook while we were away, it's a great way to feel you're still 'in touch' with your cats when you're not home. Thank you for letting us know about the cat feeder playing up, next time I'll test it right before we go."
"It was great to know that Cat's Whiskers were looking after Coco when we went away. Coco hates being taken away from home, and so having a member of Cat's Whiskers pop by every day was just perfect. The Twitter photo updates were great! The whole process, from the introductory visit to picking up the keys on our return, was simple and professional, and most importantly we came back to a very contented cat!"