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Your kitties will receive the very best attention and affection

We will visit your cats the agreed number of times a day. Generally we try to allocate the same sitter to your booking so they can form a relationship with your cat(s), but this is not always possible during busy periods or when they have annual leave/days off.

Each visit will last up to 30 minutes, but this may be shorter if your cat does not require any interaction with us (e.g. if they are very shy or particularly “feisty”!) or if they are outside exploring.

At each visit we wash all bowls, feed as directed and refresh water. We also ensure that litter trays are kept clean and tidy. We always remove all food and litter rubbish from your property, and clean food and litter stations so that everything is nice and clean for your return home.

We will also administer medication where required. Unfortunately we do not cover insulin injections.

After the essentials have been seen to, it’s all about affection and playtime! Our team genuinely adore cats and love this part of the visit most. We take great pleasure in getting to know our furry charges and their little quirks and quite often goof ball ways. We also understand that they will be missing you a lot so we give them lots of attention and playtime – particularly important for indoor cats who will need to work off a bit of energy.

So that you know we have visited, we will tweet a photo (or two if they are particularly gorgeous) of your cat along with a nice caption. Please follow us on Twitter @CatsWhiskersUK.

We take your home security seriously

We know home security can be a worry while you are on holiday so by having Cat’s Whiskers visit every day, it will be some peace of mind for you to know your home is in order.

We will collect mail from your doormat and put on a table to minimize any risk of people knowing you are away. And, if you have requested two visits a day, we are also able to open/close curtains and turn lights on/off so it looks as if someone is home. If anything looks unusual, our sitters will get in touch with the office immediately so we can alert you.

Expert care should a problem arise

If we note anything of concern, e.g. loose stools/loss of appetite, or if your outdoor cat has not been seen while we visit we will send you an email to discuss next steps.

Should something more serious arise that we believe requires the assistance of a vet, we will make every effort to contact you on the numbers supplied. However, if this is not possible, we reserve the right to seek veterinary treatment for your cat without consent and to be reimbursed upon your return. We will contact your registered vet in the first instance and if they are closed we will use the nearest animal hospital. There will be a charge for our time should this occur.

We know your cats are very dear to you, otherwise you would not be seeking a service such as ours. Every effort is made to ensure your cat's safety, however on rare occasions problems do occur and we cannot be held liable for these. Our terms and conditions are available here.

Upon Your Return

We really appreciate an email from you to let us know that you have returned and are able to resume caring for your cats. If we do not hear from you we will assume that you are home safely.

And if you are happy with our services, a short review that we may use on marketing materials would be most welcome! We will not publish your name without seeking consent.

Guidelines to assist our cat sitters

Whilst we have all of the information we need to look after your kitties while you are away, there are certain things you can do that our sitters find very helpful and will be very grateful to you!

Please familiarise yourself with these guidelines for ensuring that your cat's welfare has our best attention while you are away. Click here to read them now or you may also download them as a pdf document.

Here’s a short checklist:

  • Has anything changed since Cat’s Whiskers last visited that I need to email them about?
  • Have I left enough food and litter?
  • Have I left out any cleaning / feeding utensils I prefer to be used?
  • Have I left out the pooper scooper and plastic bags?
  • Have I told the office if I’ve changed the locks?
  • Have I left parking permits out somewhere obvious?
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